: Unicode character recognition.

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+1000 characters (mostly symbols from the symbola font) and a better search algorithm! 2012-07-21 is running again. The recent downtime was needed to inspect the server and update it. 2012-07-20

Finally, I have some spare time to improve Shapecatcher! 2012-07-18

There is also already an Obj-C library under MIT-license to access the API: @_kgn thanks again for that! 2012-01-25

A shapecatcher API is soon public, send me a message if you want to test it. 2012-01-25 hit the frontpage of Reddit: (and apparently Reddit crashed, and Shapecatcher didn't. Yay!) 2011-12-08

You can now give feedback for the search results. Rate your favorite characters! So that recognition quality is going to get better soon :) 2011-12-07

I added support for touch events. should work on phones and tablets now! ☺ 2011-11-27

You can now download all unicode fonts used on in a convenient package: 2011-11-21

The infamous "Look of disapproval" ( is now also supported ಠ_ಠ 2011-11-17

870 new Unicode characters are now supported: this means Katakana and Hiragana, Kannada, Telugu and more complete symbol support. 2011-11-17

Snowman challenge:, can you make find the Unicode snowman? 2011-11-09 Unicode Character Recognition via @Shapecatcher 2011-11-08